Good Reads: Fixed Baroque

DSC_0116 A blog for language lovers, Fixed Baroque is written by Mandy Shunnarah, a regular here at the Cobalt Club and a self-described bringer of smiles, museum junkie, book nerd, and librarian in progress.

“I coined the phrase fixed baroque as a way of describing the natural state of my life and work,” Mandy said. “I’m in a constant state of motion, always working on something new, but this blog is a way of grounding me and reminding me that my work doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It’s important to stop and connect with others; it’s important to have a fixed moment in a baroque life.”DSC_0063

My favorite Fixed Baroque feature is Thursday Word Day, for which Mandy spotlights uncommon words, defines them, and encourages their use in everyday conversation.  If you’ve ever wondered what ‘oenophile,’ ‘germane,’ ‘bailiwick,’ and ‘plication’ mean, Fixed Baroque is the place to find out.

It should be noted (and I do so with tongue planted firmly in cheek) that I enjoy this feature despite the fact that it was on one occasion used as a malign vehicle for a vicious attack that placed me in the role of unsuspecting victim.  Read the post — it centers around one of Mandy’s favorite words — and I’m sure you’ll agree that Wilford Brimley would have been a much better example.

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