When the Shutter Releases

“Stopped by Friday night, but I didn’t see you here,” Wade Smith said offhandedly as he settled into the octopus chair.

“Friday,” I mused, sticking my index finger into The Ghosts’ High Noon to mark my place.  “Oh, right.  I was over at the BJCC shooting the state high school basketball finals.”

“Who did you see?”

Wenonah.  Both of its teams were in the finals.  The girls lost to Faith Academy by one point in the last five seconds.”

“Faith Academy.  That’s in…”

“Mobile.  I had to ask, too.  Wenonah’s boys played Center Point, and they had the game won before the first quarter was over.  It was their third straight state championship.”

“Impressive.  Get any good pictures?”

“A few, I’d say.”  I handed Wade a tablet from the table beside my chair.  “They’re on here.  Just scroll down.”

Wenonah guard Cedrick McGinnis is one of the most entertaining high school players I've ever watched. He scored 12 points in the Class 5A championship game.

Here he is again, celebrating the Dragons' win.

De'Runnya Wilson scored 11 points for Wenonah in the final. He signed with Mississippi State last November.

Center Point's Montego Hoskins watches as the arms of teammate Traveon Davis reach out to grab a rebound. Juquan Nelson of Wenonah looks slightly less pleased.

Here's Hoskins once more, this time defending Wenonah's Ramond Richardson.

Tournament MVPJustin Coleman, a split-second before passing the ball between two Center Point defenders.

Coach Emanual Bell led Wenonah's Lady Dragons to the Class 5A state finals, in which they finished as runners-up. Bell is a fine coach and a very amiable fellow.

Finishing second is never easy.

Wade was gracious enough to say a few complimentary words as he gave me back the tablet.

“Thanks, but if you really want to see some good photography, you should go see Jack Wyrick’s Haiti: Retrospective exhibit at Starbucks in Five Points South.  Have you met her yet?”

Wade shook his head.

“You’ll want to.  She hasn’t been in Birmingham that long, but she’s already generated a lot of buzz.  Photojournalist, artist, documentary filmmaker…she has an impressive list of accomplishments for someone so young.”

“When is the exhibit?”

An example of Jessica Jack Wryrick's brilliant photographs from Haiti that will be displayed beginning Friday at Starbucks Five Points South in Birmingham. The exhibit is not to be missed.

“It runs through the end of March, but the opening is this Friday, from 7-9 p.m., in the upper gallery.  I understand there will be free refreshments, so you should be all over that.”

“’Free’ is my favorite four-letter word.  What will she be displaying?”

“She sent me an email about it,” I said, picking up the tablet again.  “Let’s see…the show consists of 20 archival-quality prints of photos she made while working with medical non-profits and education and agriculture programs in Haiti. The prints are limited-edition and for sale for $60 unframed.  Apparently credit cards, cash, and checks will be accepted at the opening, and 10 percent of exhibit proceeds will benefit a Haitian-owned organization in Les Cayes that produces free media supporting environmental advocacy.”

“That sounds great.”

“Yeah, I hope she’ll bring some of her work here to the club sometime.”

“Well,” Wade said, extricating himself from the tentacles, “if you’ll excuse me, there’s a cocktail at the bar with my name on it.”

I smiled as he left and I returned to my mystery novel, hoping he would try to talk Baxter into giving him one on the house.  ‘Free’ is not one of our bartender’s favorite four-letter words.

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  1. Stephanie Bynum says:

    a Starbucks that’s only open on Fri Sat Sun, never heard of that

  2. Stephanie Bynum says:

    think I’ll try to catch this exhibit before it’s gone

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