In the Library: The Living Shadow

The Living Shadow, Maxwell Grant, 1931, Street & Smith Publications.  (Originally published in The Shadow Magazine, Vol. 1, April-June, 1931.)

“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?  The Shadow knows.  But no one knows The Shadow.

“Cloaked in darkness and mystery, the man in black is a legend to those who have felt his remorseless hand:  The Underworld.  One step outside the law and many leagues ahead of the police in the battle against crime, he haunts the forbidding canyons of Manhattan with a mocking laugh that strikes terror into the souls of the guilty everywhere.

“With his invisible network of crime fighters who have pledged him their loyalty, The Shadow stalks a trail that begins with a strange Chinese coin and ends with a king’s ransom in jewels.  A fortune leading straight into the trap of a brilliant master criminal who has just pulled the job of a lifetime – in another man’s skin!  Has The Shadow met his match?”

–From the back cover of the 1974 Pyramid Books edition.

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