No Rules, Just Pickles

 The Cobalt Club recently had occasion to participate in the quest for Birmingham’s best fried pickles.  The search was initiated by Magic City artist Sarah Miller, a frequent patron and former employee of the club who publishes a bouncy little blog called Sarah in the City

Complete details about the pickle quest can be found there, along with reviews of the fried pickles served by local eateries Rogue Tavern and Todd English Public Urban Bar.  Besides reading Sarah’s blog, you can also keep up the with pickle quest on Twitter by following the hashtag #NoRulesJustPickles

After stopping in to see how the club’s offering stacks up to the competition, Sarah was kind enough to provide the following guest post. I can’t agree with all of the evaluations (particularly in regard to Redneckness of Waitress), but there should be enough information for you to decide for yourself.

We recently got word that one of our favorite late-night hangouts, The Cobalt Club, added fried pickles to their hors d’oeuvre selection.  Given the atmosphere of the club, we were surprised at the decision to include the Southern-fried delicacy on the menu.  Naturally, we were eager to try them.

When we got to the club,we found yet another surprise:  a new waitress.  I was told that this new chick had “waitressing experience” and that she prided herself on the fact that she was three years into her career and had never spilled a drink.


Anyway, I wasn’t the only one who didn’t care for the new girl.  Carrie caught her winking at Wade after taking his drink order.  Wade then spent the rest of the evening making small yet obvious gestures to make sure that everyone in the club knew he was taken.

Now that you’re caught up on the drama, on to the pickles!

Taste Testers:

Sarah Miller (@SarahMillerArt)




Allan Woodall (@AllanDoodles)




Carrie Hill (@carrieatune)




Wade Smith (@papagraf)




Billie Dupree (@MediaOkra)




Mandy Shunnarah (@fixedbaroque)




Name of Dish:  The Cobalt Club’s Fancy Fried Pickle

As it turns out, we should have looked a little more closely at the name of the dish.

Fried PICKLE.  Singular.  One.

Our group of pickle connoisseurs normally obtains one order of fried pickles and splits them.  We were definitely confused when New Girl placed a beautiful china plate containing one lonely little pickle on our table.

She explained that the pickle is intended to be more of a transitional snack between courses.  Wade was a little irritated when we had to place five additional orders of the dish, so they may have lost some points for the inconvenience factor.

Me about to try the club's Fancy Fried Pickle.

The dish did live up to its title of “fancy.”  Not only was it served on fine china, but it came with a creamy chive dip which was very carefully piped onto each pickle.  Mandy thought that the pile of dip was too much for just one pickle, but it didn’t seem to affect her score.

Allan and Billie seemed to love the single pickle dish and had no complaints at all.

Allan getting ready to try the pickle.

Additional Comments:

  • “I’m still hungry.”
  • “Yum!  Great starter!”
  • “Great addition to the menu!”
  • “Portion seemed small.  Overall tasty.”
  • “1 pickle.  Really???”
  • “Pickle was fine, but who hired the new girl?”

Final Rating:  2.5 Stars.




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