The Cobalt Club is the Magic City’s newest, swankiest online hangout.  Join resident raconteur Buddy Roberts as he introduces you to the parade of visitors, guides you through the conversation, and shares observations from the vantage point of the most comfortable chairs in Birmingham.

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  1. I couldn’t resist checking out the site. Fabulous. You have a gift for Storytelling.
    I don’t suppose you mentor people in Storytelling? I have considered authoring short stories, children’s books; I even have a Musical ready to put on, but don’t know any of the steps to get it out of my home and into the world. I’ve written music lyrics and poetry, I write devotions, but again- so far unshared with anyone but family. I’ve been too shy in the past to even get friends involved- though I think that’s usually the next step.
    I am really looking forward to meeting you this Friday. Blessings on you and your many endeavors.
    Kellyann German
    NobleHeart Crafts Foundation Inc

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