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The View from the Club

Looking up (and through) at the corner of First Avenue North and Richard Arrington.

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The View From the Club

Formerly a 350-room lodging establishment on Second Avenue North, the Thomas Jefferson Hotel was once noted for “Southern hospitality at its happy, wonderful best.”  Referred to as “the pride of Birmingham” during the 1930s, the building has for years been … Continue reading

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Art Crawling with Mary Catherine Fehr

Walking into the club, the first thing I saw was Mary Catherine Fehr aiming her Nikon 3100 at a group comprised of Currie, Millicent, and Emsworth.  The latter two wore appropriate portrait expressions, but the corners of Currie’s mouth were … Continue reading

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The world was her classroom

Brittney Harrison has the distinction of being the only person I know who has spent a night on the Great Wall of China. I met her at a function at Samford University, where she has pursued communications studies.  A few … Continue reading

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